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But I will hope continually, And will praise You yet more and more. Psalms 71:14

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Surgery Date, A Valentine Date, and A Dear Sister-in-law

      I'm sorry it has taken so long to let you know what is happening since my appointment with the surgeon.  I have had the stomach bug for the last 24 hours...yes, I believe my children shared it with me;I am diligently trying to teach them the concept of sharing!!!
    Shawn and I met with the colorectal surgeon and were very impressed with him.  He took his time with us and explained everything thoroughly and in an easy manner.  Basically, the biopsy of the mass came back as Adenocarcinoma, which simply put, is cancer of the colon;  mine is in the sigmoid portion.  Surgery is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 17th at which time he will remove 8-10 inches of my colon and all the blood supply and lymph nodes that go along with that area.  This surgery will be performed laproscopically(sp??) which is a YEAH for me as it cuts down on scar tissue and my recovery time.  He will also finish my colonoscopy while he is in there and check out any of my other organs that he can possibly see.  I wonder if he can check out my tonsils from that angle;  oh that's right, I don't have my tonsils anymore.  Also, he will biopsy the spot on my liver.  My hospital stay should be 3 days. 
     My main prayer requests at this time are:
1.  That the lymph nodes are NOT infected and that the mass has NOT grown through the bowel wall.  They have no idea with either of these until they get in there.
2.  That the surgery goes well WITHOUT complications and WITH a quick recovery.  I will be able to lift only 10 pounds or less for 6 weeks which will be a challenge with the little ones around here, although they are getting old enough to understand and to climb up themselves.
3.  That while in the hospital, things will run smoothly for my family and household.  My dear parents are driving home from Florida to stay here with the children during my hospital stay.
4.  And for Shawn as he is along on this journey as well, but has his own set of worries and concerns.

   So where does the Valentine date and dear sister-in-law come into all of this you might ask????

Well, after leaving our appt., we walk out to the parking garage to discover that we are locked out of the van.  The keys were not locked in.  Awhile back we had to put in a new ignition and so the key is different for the doors and for ignition.  Shawn had grabbed the spare set, which evidently doesn't have a door key on it, so nevertheless, we were stranded.  After many phone calls and regretting that I never got AAA, we walked over to the hospital cafeteria for lunch.  Shawn said "well, at least we get to spend more time together" and hence, we decided to make it our Valentine date.  Two hours later we were back in our van because my dear sister-in-law Kenda interrupted her day to come to our rescue, in which I can't thank her enough as it was an hour drive there since she had to run to our home first for the keys. 

HAPPY early VALENTINES DAY  MY FRIENDS....don't forget to tell your loved ones today just how special they are to you as we don't know what tomorrow holds.
(a birthday boutique from my friend Michele...thanks.  It is lovely and so blessed me)
Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God;  and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.  1 John 4: 7

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